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Weekend Update | April 18 - 19

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Happy Monday! As we enter into another week at home and social distancing, we've compiled some news that developed over the weekend as well as some things to look forward to this week. Anything to add some variety and excitement is a plus, right?

If you've been following along, you'll likely notice a lot of our resources listed here are repeated again. That is because (thankfully and SO happily) we have been able to track down resource sites that are updated to reflect any regional / national changes as they occur. It makes it a bit easier to not have to chase down current articles, but to rely on information from reliable sources. THANK YOU to everyone who has worked tirelessly to make these resources available to us.


  • We're still sheltering in place, but our local businesses are rallying and coming up with creative ways to continue their work.

  • Local news for us - Lil Oso began serving to-go food and drinks in our space this past weekend! Stay tuned, as we will be continuing this, in addition to adding our Proof cocktails to the menu - and adding other community partners and small businesses to the menu as well!

  • Chattanooga Area Small Business Resource Center. All of the resources you and your business need. All in ONE place!

  • Proof and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank are thrilled to be offering Hospitality Food Boxes once again! You can register here if you are in need of food and an out of work hospitality professional!


I know we shared this the last few weeks, but it bears repeating this wee as well -

  • There's still a lot to think about, and a lot of programs out there. If you're in need of assistance, please check out our post on small business resources, reach out to your local Small Business Development Center, or visit the Chattanooga Chamber's website.

  • Co.Starters has put together an incredible Recovery Guide that all small business owners should check out as well. It's PACKED with information - all in one place with easy to follow links and assistance one click away!

  • While we know the PPP has exceeded its capacity for the time being, please keep checking with your financial institution. We've heard there is a second wave coming, and we want you to be prepared!


  • Food and Beverage workers - Restaurant Strong Fund is the newest relief fund opportunity we've come across to help bar and restaurant workers! Check it out here!

  • Please visit the Hospitality Relief Board for a lot of available resources as well!



Monday, April 20: Culinary Cannabis

Two of our buds in the culinary cannabis industry, Rachel Burkons and Jacqui Pressinger, join us for a conversation about the history, current uses, and future of culinary cannabis. We’ll clarify terms like CBD, edibles and terpenes, and will also discuss business models and hospitality’s place within the industry. The talk will conclude with an overview of the ACF’s Culinary Cannabis certificate for chefs.

Tuesday, April 21: The State of Food Journalism

Food journalism has shifted priorities from a traditional model of physical publication and assigned critical voices to increasingly digital and inclusive content. There are more outlets than ever, but with restaurants shuttered and paid gigs few and far between, how can food journalists pivot their content and businesses to remain relevant? 

Wednesday, April 22: Building a Path to Reopening

In this session, Elizabeth Tilton of Oyster Sunday will provide guidance on how to build a 360 view of reopening as it relates to operations, marketing,  finance, HR, technology, insurance, compliance, and facilities. Expect to leave this session with a clearer roadmap on how to approach reopening, plus an answer to the question, “where do we start?”

Thursday, April 23: HR Roadmap and Employee Welfare During COVID-19

Sarah Diehl, founder and principal of Empowered Hospitality, will discuss human resources best practices in the wake of COVID-19 from both an employer and employee perspective. Topics will include: staff and compensation reductions, benefits, unemployment, resources and relief funds for employees, and communication best practices.

Friday, April 24: Spirited Conversation—Red, White, and Quarantined 

Sommelier Victoria James and founder of RAMONA Jordan Salcito will join us to talk about how the wine industry—which has seen a 55 percent increase in demand—is meeting thirsty customers’ needs while supporting one of their most valued and hard-hit customers, the restaurant industry. Expect a candid look into maintaining an online presence, wine-based agriculture, and opportunities for folks interested in a career transition to the beverage industry.  

  • US FOODS has launched online webinars to address other issues in food and beverage:

THE CARES ACT AND YOUR RESTAURANT — US FOODS WEBINAR Get details on the options offered through the CARES ACT, to help you stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis, plus one-on-one answers to your questions from our expert speakers.


  • Brian Kerby, US Foods Restaurant Operations Consultant

  • Catharine Ransom, Managing Director from the Glover Park Group 

Glover Park Group is a consulting firm in Washington specializing in Small Business Advocacy, who have been integrally involved in the CARES package and the interpretation of the Small Business Administration programs. 


MOVING FORWARD: CALCULATING CASH FLOW - To help ensure you can weather the COVID-19 pandemic, our Restaurant Operations Consultants will review tools and best practices to calculate your cash flow and manage your operations accordingly. 


ACCELERATING TAKEOUT - STAY OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITH TAKEOUT AND DELIVERY If on-premise dining isn’t an option for now, you can still get great food to diners via carryout and delivery. Get the information and support you need to feed your hungry customers and keep revenue coming in. Join US Foods® Restaurant Operations Consultants and Food Fanatics® Chefs for an informative webinar on how you can accelerate takeout business at your restaurant. We will discuss how you can:

  • Update your menu for takeout

  • Promote your takeout offerings to your customers

  • Find the right takeout and delivery ordering solution

  • Prepare, pack and deliver food optimized for takeout and delivery

STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA WEBINAR - Our Restaurant Operations Consultants will share social media best practices, including how to create engaging content and stay connected to your customers during this COVID-19 crisis. 


And as always, our local favorites:

Monday - Attractions

Tuesday - Food and Beverage

Wednesday - Accommodations

Thursday - Culture, Heritage and Arts

Friday - All Partners

Thank you all so much! Have a wonderful week!


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