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Providing a comprehensive understanding of modern sales strategies that integrate various channels for a seamless customer experience. 
Program Partners
About Memphis Medical District Collaborative

The Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) is a community development organization working with anchor institutions to strengthen the connections, communities, and campuses in the Memphis Medical District so they are more vibrant, prosperous, and equitable.

Program Launch: March 18th
Application Deadline: March 8th

An eight-week experience designed to help entrepreneurs develop a strong understanding of multiple sales channels to develop their business for sustainable growth through multiple streams of revenue. 

Memphis Medical District Collaborative is partnering with Proof Incubator to offer support to business owners who are poised for growth. 

Participants will explore market analysis, consumer insights, marketing techniques, sales channels specific to the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry as well as general business best practices, operational management, customer engagement strategies, data analytics, and performance measurement. The course culminates in guiding participants to develop their Multi-Channel strategy to enhance sales and customer satisfaction.

This program is designed to help you create a seamless customer experience by providing a comprehensive understanding of modern sales strategies to succeed in your business.

Improve your operations by evaluating  the strengths and weaknesses of your business model and operating structure 


Capitalize on your business' unique value to communicate with customers while learning how to use essential marketing tools to amplify and grow your business


From menu costing, to supply chain, to labor—learn how to calculate the true cost of your operation to maximize financial stability and successfully navigate funding opportunities

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Implement critical management and training tools to help build an efficient team, while establishing HR best practices and legal standards

In this course you will not only get access to relevant, on-demand content and resources but to world-class expertise as well.
1-on-1 Strategy Sessions

Proof's team will connect with you during the program to offer 1:1 feedback and guidance tailored to your unique concept and goals.

Expert Office Hours

Proof's team and network of industry specialists will provide regular Office Hours to help answer your most pressing questions in areas of finance, marketing, and more.

Live Sessions
Learn alongside your peers while interacting with industry experts in real time!

  • Monday, March 18th

Live In Person Kick Off Session

MAR 18

About Proof

Proof is an accelerator, incubator, and bar based in Chattanooga, TN. Founded and led by food and beverage industry veterans, the mission of Proof is to support owners and operators in the industry through programs, resources, and community. 


Collectively the Proof team has 50+ years of experience, with expertise ranging from management training to operations to marketing (and more). To date, Proof has accelerated 60 companies through its programs.

Learn more about Proof at

Heard Dat Kitchen
New Orleans, LA

I found that every session provided me with amazing information, and tools to utilize in growing our business.


Martha's Kitchen
Philadelphia, PA

Every session was beneficial to me and my business.

Lil Mama's
Chattanooga, TN

It’s given me a great sense of confidence, because now when I’m making decisions for the restaurant, I have an opinion from someone who is experienced and gone through what I am now.

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