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We're here for YOU!

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a community development office, we want to work with you!

Proof has supported over 500 businesses in improving their business structure, connecting with customers, reducing costs, & cultivating growth. We’d like to offer this assistance to even more talented entrepreneurs and we need your help. Partner with us to provide these technical assistance services, programs, & accelerators to entrepreneurs who need it the most!

Support your local food & beverage entrepreneurs:

At Proof, our mission is to help food and beverage entrepreneurs to be better at business and to use food and beverage as a catalyst for economic development in rural and urban markets.

To do this we have developed several ways of engagement (click to learn more).

Share your expertise with food and beverage entrepreneurs to help them reach their business goals! Click the link above to learn more.

If you or your organization are based in Tennessee Proof has partnered with Launch TN to provide a free statewide Consumer Goods Network program. Find out more on how to become a partner and work with CPG 
Peeps/Proof by downloading our FAQ here.

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Our Programs
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Restaurant Resilience

An 8-week virtual course for owners and operators of restaurants and food-service businesses with a focus on stabilization and growth.

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Consumer Goods

Emerging consumer-packaged good brands will learn to rapidly expand their growth. The intensive program covers a spectrum of areas, including: finance, operations, marketing, distribution, fundraising, and growth planning.

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Food & Beverage Workshops

Proof’s team of food and beverage experts equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to improve, stabilize, and grow your concept into a sustainable, profitable venture.

Our team collaborates with community development organizations to offer accelerator programs to offer entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. 
With more than 75+ years combined experience in the food and beverage industry, our team understands the unique challenges program participants are facing each day. We work entrepreneurs to overcome these challenges and build a more sustainable business model to reach their goals.

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Brick and Mortar Test Kitchen

We offer a shared commissary test kitchen which talented food and beverage entrepreneurs can use as a low-barrier opportunity to test out their concepts in a supportive environment. Our restaurant tenants develop their own menus which are presented together to all guests as they try out the culinary creations of multiple chefs in a unique dining experience. Tenants are able to use this time to get creative, grow their brand, and develop their unique style and flavor to create a permanent concept.

Impactful Industry Content

Proof gives updates on recent industry happenings such as the collective push of multiple organizations to sway government into replenishing the Restaurant Revitalization Fund or changes in employee tipping laws. Proof also creates practical step by step materials with information on navigating tasks such as the development of cost-cutting menu strategies to combat rising food costs. 
Check out all of our programs content outlets and follow below!

  • Food & Beverage Industry Blog

  • The Expo Newsletter

  • Proof Programs Instagram Content

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About Proof

Proof is a resource center for food & beverage entrepreneurs, including independent restaurant owners, full service catering companies, food trucks & carts, bakeries, and commissary kitchens.

Proof Programs are designed for busy food and beverage entrepreneurs and feature on-demand courses, industry workbooks, resources & templates library, and 1:1 coaching from expert mentors.

Proof partners with ecosystem stakeholders to cultivate diverse and dynamic food and beverage scenes in their communities and empower their entrepreneurs to build better businesses.

Learn more about Proof at

Heard Dat Kitchen
New Orleans, LA

I found that every session provided me with amazing information, and tools to utilize in growing our business.


Martha's Kitchen
Philadelphia, PA

Every session was beneficial to me and my business.

Lil Mama's
Chattanooga, TN

It’s given me a great sense of confidence, because now when I’m making decisions for the restaurant, I have an opinion from someone who is experienced and gone through what I am now.

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