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Three Proof Pros Featured in Authority Magazine

How do we provide value to our program participants in the food and beverage and consumer goods industries? Well, we’ve spent countless hours in their shoes. Collectively, our team members have 50+ years of experience in food and consumer goods roles. Along the way, they’ve enjoyed wins and made mistakes that we know can help others push forward with positive momentum.

We’re incredibly proud of our team and all they’ve done to build their industry know-how, and we were honored to have the opportunity to offer our thoughts to a larger audience in three recent Authority Magazine pieces featuring Mike, Kaleena, and Tim. Check out the summaries below, and be sure to spend some time taking a deep dive into each of their interviews. You’re sure to come away with some great insights.

Michael Robinson

The original launch of Proof came at a crazy time — as Mike puts it in this article, “Our grand opening turned into our grand closing on March 13, 2020.” But despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape for restaurants in 2020, Proof’s transition into offering Restaurant Recovery resources was natural for Mike and his co-founder, Mia Littlejohn.

In this article, Mike shares what he wishes he had known before jumping into entrepreneurship, hopes for fellow food and beverage industry professionals, and more.

Check out the rest here.

Kaleena Goldsworthy-Warnock

After growing up in the music industry, Kaleena graduated with a BA in music business and voice and spent the first several years of her career with the intention of continuing down that path. But to supplement her time performing, Kaleena found herself in odd jobs — and ultimately, landed in Chattanooga to assist with the opening of a bar. At age 27, she began a journey that led her to founding the Bitter Bottle and working on the launch of Proof.

In this piece, Kaleena shares thoughts about the best ways to launch a consumer goods product and lessons she learned through personal experience. She covers topics from funding to common mistakes to maintaining a firm stance on sourcing ingredients.

Read more here.

Tim Moore

Prior to joining the team at Proof, Tim spent five years with CO.LAB, an accelerator in Chattanooga that works to connect young businesses with the resources they need to thrive. In addition to other responsibilities, Tim oversaw CO.LAB’s consumer goods program and had the chance to work with a wide range of businesses in the space.

In Tim’s Authority Magazine interview, he talks about everything from the importance of research to the five things it takes to be successful in the consumer goods industry.

Give it a read here.


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