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Shifting to Online Ordering

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

As we see bars and restaurants shifting rapidly to adapt to take out and delivery models, we are also seeing the need to shift to online offerings as well. As we all already know, streamlining our processes to make it easier for our customers to use and understand is so incredibly important. The less clicks, calls, and hurdles to jump through, the more sales we have the probability of seeing. The trouble is, learning a point of sale system can be complicated enough, so how can we learn how to integrate it into our website easily? Is it even possible for us to streamline online ordering to our physical establishment? And how far can we take it? Is placing your orders online or through an app the future of in person dining? Only time will tell, but we do think this is something to stay one step ahead of.

We've worked to compile some insight and data on some of the most well loved and used POS systems, with easy access to how you can incorporate online ordering and streamlining these services to your website. So let's dive in!

Aloha - NCR does offer Mobile and Online Ordering, but it looks like you will need to contact your sales associate to enable this feature. The also have an app that you can link your menu to for mobile ordering, called The Foundry.

Breadcrumb / Upserve - If you are a Breadcrumb / Upserve user, my guess is you've already set this up - because it looks like it's quite simple! From our research, it appears you can log in to your admin settings and set this up right away! In addition to the ease of enabling, it really seems they've got their systems dialed in to help maximize your sales by offering extensive reporting and ease of use for your customers!

Clover - Clover also boasts about how easy it is to set up online ordering through their back end operations. It will create a webpage (as most will) that you can directly link to your website to streamline the process. They also do not charge any additional fees to set this up (aside from the card-not present fee, which we likely all can expect). We love a good video tutorial on how to step-by-step set these things up, and Clover has you covered!

Micros - Micros works with Orders2Me to directly integrate online ordering to your POS system. Their stance is that this integration eliminates the need for new technology / education to your staff - they simply continue to work with the POS you've always had. That being said, Orders2Me does charge a monthly subscription fee to their users (which appears to be $139 / month in their POS package).

Revel - Without having a Revel account, there's only so much we can see about pricing... That being said, Revel offers their standalone platform, Revel Go, to allow online sales, and if you are a Revel user, this option is definitely available to you!

TouchBistro - TouchBistro allows easy integration for online ordering for their users, as well as one of those handy step-by-step videos to get it set up without needing to call sales! There are only two downsides to this platform (both which are easily forgivable): 1. You cannot set this up entirely remotely; you need to have access to your physical iPad / POS system. 2. You cannot accept credit card payments online; you will need to take payment over the phone or in person. While these may be a bit of an inconvenience, you hardly need to do anything to enable this feature, which makes this incredibly user friendly.

Toast - If you're a Toast user, my guess is that you're already using their online ordering software. It appears to be incredibly easy to set up and get started with right away!

Union - Union is a bit of an enigma when it comes to POS systems. You can only read and see so much about it before you're asked to schedule a demo. Their main logo branded across their screen "YOUR POS IS A PIECE OF SH%T. Step into the 21st century with the only POS built for high-volume hospitality," leads us to believe that they probably have online ordering covered - especially now. If you are a Union user, let us know if this integration is included! If you're interested in looking into Union as your POS / online ordering software, you can find more information and ways to contact their sales team here.

If you can't find online ordering through your current platform, you do have some options!

Revel Go - A standalone online ordering platform created by Revel, boasts that it can partner with any POS you currently use, and also have you up and running in a matter of days! Here's more information, as well as ways to connect with their sales team.

Square / Orderspoon- While Square works incredibly well for retail outlets, we've heard mixed reviews for bars and restaurants. Orderspoon seems to be one solution to this potential problem! With a monthly subscription fee starting at $49.99 / month, this might be the best option for integration for you if you already know and love Square.

BentoBox - Another online ordering platform that pairs with Square and 30+ other POS systems makes for another wonderful option! They claim you can have your online store up and running in as little as 24 hours, or up to 4 days. That's a nice turnaround for sure!


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