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Lil Oso + Brewski + Proof April 22 - 25!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Happy Wednesday!

Today - Saturday, we are offering curbside pick up or delivery for Lil Oso and Brewski through Proof!


1. The menu! Here it is:

2. How to order! Simply give us a call at 423-541-6858! That's it! Just give us a ring, tell us what you'd like (don't forget to add your Brewski! Buy one get one free to the first 25 purchasers!!!)

3. Let us know if you'd like that for curbside pick up or delivery (delivery within 5-7 miles of Proof Bar and Incubator for a small fee).

4. You will pay over the phone! Contactless food order and pick up! Easy peasy.

5. If you're coming to pick it up, give us a call once you've pulled up to the front of the bar! Let us know the order name, and we'll bring it right out to you!

6. Repeat again... tomorrow... and Friday... and Saturday... ;)

Thank you all so much for your support and for supporting other local restaurants and businesses! We sincerely appreciate it! Enjoy!


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