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What does the Mask Mandate mean for Proof?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We know there has been a lot of conversation over what the new mandate for Hamilton County means to restaurant goers... After all, how can you go out to eat and drink if you're covering your face with a mask?

We get it - and we've got some answers for you!

Masks are required upon entering our establishment.

  • When you walk in, your mask is required and you will have your temperature checked by our host. Temperature checks are another step we choose to take to ensure the comfort, safety, and security of our guests and staff.

  • After your party has been checked in, the host will walk you through the restaurant to your table for the evening. Your mask is to remain on while walking through the restaurant.

What if I don't have a mask?

  • No worries! We are happy to provide any guest with a disposable face mask.

Are there any types of masks that aren't OK?

  • The only type of mask that isn't ok is the kind that isn't a mask.

If you have a hole in your mask, your mask doesn't fit your face properly, or your mask doesn't cover

your mouth and your nose - we will provide you with a mask to fix these issues. Bandanas, homemade

face masks, etc. are all welcome - and we love the creativity we've been seeing with some of these

patterns and colors!

Ok. I'm at my table... Now what?

  • You're at your table with your guests. You are now welcome to take off your face masks and enjoy your food and drink.

  • Your server will have a face covering on the entire time you are dining with us. Please be respectful if they choose to stand back a little farther than normal - they are looking out for their own safety as well as trying to ensure our guests feel safe and comfortable.

Do I need to put my mask on when the server comes back?

  • You don't need to, but you're more than welcome to if you'd rather!

I'm going to head to the...

  • Before you head ANYWHERE, please put your gorgeous mask back on that beautiful face. When getting up from your table and walking anywhere (to the restroom, to run to your car, to get fresh air, to pick up some Poppytons Patisserie), a face mask is required.

  • Please do not approach any table other than your own - even if they are your friends. We aim to ensure all parties feel safe and comfortable while dining with us, and to do this, we need to limit crowding and ensure social distancing is being practiced.

But - What if my friends want to join me at my table?

  • We'd love nothing more than to make this happen - and if we can, we will! But please note, we are only seating parties of up to 6 at a time... Not7, or 8...

  • While it may have been easy to add chairs from surrounding tables in the past to accommodate this, it isn't always possible now. For starters, we have a strict sanitation policy that our staff relies on to ensure the tables and chairs are cleaned after each use.

  • We also recommend reservations, so even if that table next to you is currently empty, it may already be accounted for.

For more information, please review our updated Guest Guidelines:

We hope this helps - and we look forward to serving you soon!


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