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Weekend Update | April 11 - 12

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We hope this Monday finds you safe and well. Our hearts are going out to everyone who was affected by yesterday's storms. It's so hard to imagine a tornado hitting Tennessee again - especially so soon - and so difficult to know how to help our neighbors in times like these. Thank you to all of our area's first responders and to everyone who has been and is able to assist those in need. We appreciate you all so much.

In our Monday update, here are our newest findings regarding resources and articles around the COVID19 response in our industry:




  • Food and Beverage workers - Restaurant Strong Fund is the newest relief fund opportunity we've come across to help bar and restaurant workers! Check it out here!

  • Please visit the Hospitality Relief Board for a lot of available resources as well!




Apr. 14, Local COVID-19 Legislation and Aid Package Update with Kerry Hayes

2 p.m. 

Kerry Hayes, Mayor Berke's Chief of Staff, updates us on local guidance related to COVID-19 and the latest on the Small Business Stabilization Fund. Justin Groenert, the Chamber's Vice President of Public Policy, will also provide updates on state and federal legislation related to the outbreak.

Apr. 15, Crisis Communication with Q Strategies

10:30 a.m.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, most of us have been getting a crash course in crisis communications. Q Strategies will share recommendations and best practices for communicating when your employees, your company or the world are in crisis.

Apr. 16, Rent Relief for Small Businesses with Ben Pitts, Commercial Realtor

1:30 p.m.

Slowed or shut down businesses are experiencing serious cash flow issues, inhibiting their ability to pay rent and risking their existence. Cash flow issues for tenants quickly become cash flow issues for landlords. Ben Pitts, a commercial realtor, outlines some manageable solutions for both tenants and landlords, that will hopefully lead to a quicker recovery and rebound for both parties.

Monday, April 13: So You Want to Write a Cookbook? 

Cookbook authors, food editors, and chefs Shaun Chavis, Cynthia Graubart, and Virginia Willis will share lessons on the importance of digital presence, marketing, platform building, and your brand; nuts and bolts of practical finances; how to write a proposal; and recipe research, writing, and testing. They will also share an inside publisher’s point of view on scouting new talent, and chef and restaurant collaboration for cookbooks. Register here.

Tuesday, April 14: Cash Management and SBA Loans

Aprio, an award-winning CPA advisory firm, will be reviewing the EIDL, PPP, payroll credit opportunities, and basic cash management strategies for restaurants and new clarifications and strategies to using the stimulus package and capital campaigns that may better help restaurant owners and sole proprietors. A follow up to our first conversation on the CARES Act loans, this session led by CPAs Jessica Hussain, Meredith Kowal, and Tommy Lee will dive deeper into developing a strategy to determine what combination of relief opportunities may best serve your needs. Register here.

Wednesday, April 15: Motivation in Times of Crisis

When distractions are high and stress is mounting, keeping your team engaged and focused on their goals may feel like its own battle. In this webinar, certified professional behavior analyst Rachel Sheerin gives you insight into fast and effective motivational tools for leaders and peers alike to boost morale in stressful times. Register here.

Thursday, April 16: Exploring the State of the Seafood Industry

The COVID-19 crisis has forced every aspect of the seafood industry to rapidly reinvent business models and relationships. Hear from Barton Seaver, Katy Rivera, and Cliff White about some of the media challenges, expected shifts in the tectonics of the global industry, and predictions about what the future of seafood might look like. Register here.

Friday, April 17: Spirited Conversation: Tasting Rooms to Retail Shops

James Beard Award semifinalists Ann Marshall and Scott Blackwell of Highwire Distilling, along with Melissa Katrincic of Durham Distillery, will talk pivoting tasting rooms to retail sites, spent spirit hand-sanitizer and commercial cleaners, and best practices on bottle distribution as home delivery services like Drizly and Bevvie soar. Expect a spirited conversation on how you can survive and stay relevant during the shutdowns, followed by a Quarantini toast to craft distilleries Register here.

  • US FOODS has launched online webinars to address other issues in food and beverage:

Comparte con el Chef Frankie Ruiz para conocer más sobre el programa de “delivery” y “takeout”.

Lunes, 13 de Abril, 4:00 pm CST

Join Brian Kerby (Restaurant Operations Consultant at US Foods®) and Catharine Ransom (Managing Director, Glover Park Group) for the latest updates on the recently passed CARES Act.

Tuesday, April 14, 1:00 PM CST

Learn from our Restaurant Operations Consultants and Food Fanatics® Chefs how to quickly ramp up your takeout and delivery program.

Tuesday, April 14, 3:00 pm CST

To help ensure you can weather the COVID-19 pandemic, our Restaurant Operations Consultants will review tools and best practices to calculate your cash flow and manage your operations accordingly.

Wednesday, April 15, 2:00 PM CST

Our Restaurant Operations Consultants will share social media best practices, including how to create engaging content and stay connected to your customers during this COVID-19 crisis.

Thursday, April 16, 2:00 PM CST


Offering online conversations and happy hours every day this week! (There's a lot of them, so we compiled the full list here!)

And as always, our local favorites:

Monday - Attractions

Tuesday - Food and Beverage

Wednesday - Accommodations

Thursday - Culture, Heritage and Arts

Friday - All Partners

Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you! We've got quite a few projects in the works right now... More info. on that coming soon. Until then, stay safe and have a great week!


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