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Restaurant Owners - Redesign Your Website!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

To summarize their findings, here are the main things restaurants, bars, and really all small businesses should be focusing on addressing while revamping their sites:

1. Ensure your address and phone number are correct. If you are transitioning from being in your office and want to attach a cell phone to your businesses land line, now is a great time to work through that as well!

2. Ensure your hours of operation are reflective of your current operations. If you've switched to take out or delivery, or if you've had to close your doors - make sure your hours are correct so that those who are trying to support you can do so in an educated, abbreviated way.

3. If you are taking orders over the phone, to go, or or for delivery - ensure your guests have access to your current menu and how to place their orders. This might be one of the most important things for your customers to have easy access to. Please make sure the instructions and menu are clearly and easily found on your site. Some suggestions for this are to make a GoogleDoc (especially if your options may be changing day to day or week to week) or direct them to your preferred delivery outlets (for example UberEats, GrubHub, etc.).

4. Provide links to any GoFundMe's or other virtual fundraisers to support your business or your staff. Make them easy to find and easy to donate to!

5. (We added this one) Create or enable the purchase of giftcards from your website. We highly recommend and encourage adding this feature to your site to allow people to support your business, even if you might be closed for the time being. There are a lot of online gift card retailers you can turn to - InstaGift - that you can register with and have them do the "heavy lifting" so to speak.

6. Remember that you can pin posts to the top of your Facebook page! This will help convey important information, hours, announcements, etc. right away!

If there are any other suggestions you have, please let us know! We are actively working on more ways to assist bar and restaurant owners with relevant information.


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