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Food and Beverage FREE TRAININGS!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I know we've posted some of these before, but the more information is shared, the more people can take advantage, right?

We've been finding a LOT of incredibly generous companies offering free trainings and courses during the pandemic. Please be sure to take advantage of these while you can - a lot of them expire at the end of April!

American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute is offering free online career development training through April 30th.

Supervisory Skill Builders

Hospitality Manager: Leadership

Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) Online Review (Training ONLY)


ServSafe Food Handler

ServSafe Takeout and Delivery: COVID-19 Precautions

ServSuccess Training for Restaurant Workers


BarSmarts is offering their online courses free of charge through April 30th with the code TRYBARSMARTS.


If you're looking for other free educational resources, please visit our blog post Continuing Your Education - At Home!


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