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A free four-week course designed to help owners and operators in the food and beverage industry—including restaurants, consumer-packaged goods, and other food-service businesses—navigate challenges and ultimately grow.
Key Dates:
Launch: April 30
Launch: May 17

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many industries, but none have experienced more immediate effects than the food and beverage industry. Restaurants and food service businesses have especially faced challenges ranging from restrictions, employee safety and health, supply chain disruption, and more. That is why we are excited to announce the launch of the Food and Beverage Resilience program in Lebanon, produced in partnership with the City of Lebanon and Historic Lebanon.

The Food and Beverage Resilience program, powered by Proof, is a 4-week virtual course for owners and operators of restaurants, food-service, and consumer-good businesses with a focus on stabilization and growth. The course covers everything from navigating regulations, how to build and improve your financial foundation, marketing to your customers, human resources, and more.

How It Works

The cohort connects twice a week (90 minutes each) to cover course curriculum and have open discussion


Proof’s team dedicates a minimum of 1 hour each week to coach and focus on company’s specific needs


Proof’s team provides quick exercises each week, as well as printable assets and templates, that can be implemented

Tuesdays and Thursdays // 9:30 -11 a.m. CDT

Session 1: May 18

The New Normal; Evaluating Your Company & Opportunities

Session 2: May 20
Reopening, Regulations, Risk Management

Session 3: May 25
Financial Foundation, Menu and Supply Chain

Session 4: May 27
Guest Speaker: Financial Spreadsheet Building

Session 5: June 1

Focus on People (Staff, Guests, Marketing)

Session 6: June 3
Guest Speaker: Brand Positioning & Marketing

Session 7: June 8
Leadership and Strategic Enablers

Session 8: June 10
Guest Speaker: Human Resources

Application Deadline
April 30
Program Launch
May 18

About Proof

Proof is an accelerator, incubator, and bar based in Chattanooga, TN. Founded and led by food and beverage industry veterans, the mission of Proof is to support owners and operators in the industry through programs, resources, and community. 


Collectively the Proof team has 50+ years of experience, with expertise ranging from management training to operations to marketing (and more). To date, Proof has accelerated 60 companies through its programs.

Learn more about Proof at

unnamed (2).jpg

Party Bites Catering

Chattanooga, TN

"The way the class was structured as far as dealing with the pandemic and the crisis management that followed was very impactful. This year has been a fast year for me and I knew I needed to scale and Proof coached me on how to scale properly."

good batch mama.jpeg

Good Batch Mama

Kingsport, TN

"Having the opportunity to review our operations and dissect our pain points with industry pros who have been in the business for years was an IMMENSE value add to us."


Lil Mama's

Chattanooga, TN

"So many things in the industry that come up are unexpected, but I knew with Proof, I had someone to call to say 'hey, this is what I’m experiencing' and ask if it’s normal and if they can help me. It’s given me a great sense of confidence, because now when I’m making decisions for the restaurant, I have an opinion from someone who is experienced and gone through what I am now."

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