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 "Cultivating a  Dynamic Food and Beverage Community in 
Both Rural and Urban Markets" 
F&B Industry Challenges
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Community Opportunities
Strategic Q&A
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Q & A Session
Interact with the Proof team to learn more about specific tools and strategies used in their experience with F & B entrepreneurs.

Cultivating & Supporting a Healthy Food + Beverage Community.
How to identify opportunities and foster impactful change through coaching in your local market.

What makes the F&B Industry Unique?
Learn about challenges & opportunities that are specific to food and beverage entrepreneurs.


Michael Robinson


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Mia Littlejohn



Kaleena Goldsworthy

Director of Programs

Shanna Lucien

Food and Beverage

Entrepreneur Coach

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What We Do
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Food & Beverage
Brick & Mortar
Test Kitchen
Impactful Industry

Our team collaborates with community development organizations to offer accelerator programs to offer entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. Our programs range from Consumer Goods Accelerators on how to build and scale a successful CPG product. 
With more than 75+ years combined experience in the food and beverage industry, our team understands the unique challenges program participants are facing each day. We work entrepreneurs to overcome these challenges and build a more sustainable business model to reach their goals.

Programs that we offer:

Restaurant Resilience Course

Consumer Goods 101

Food and Beverage Growth Workshops

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Brick and Mortar Test Kitchen

We offer a shared commissary test kitchen which talented food and beverage entrepreneurs can use as a low-barrier opportunity to test out their concepts in a supportive environment. Our restaurant tenants develop their own menus which are presented together to all guests as they try out the culinary creations of multiple chefs in a unique dining experience. Tenants are able to use this time to get creative, grow their brand, and develop their unique style and flavor to create a permanent concept.

Impactful Industry Content

Proof gives updates on recent industry happenings such as the collective push of multiple organizations to sway government into replenishing the Restaurant Revitalization Fund or changes in employee tipping laws. Proof also creates practical step by step materials with information on navigating tasks such as the development of cost-cutting menu strategies to combat rising food costs. 
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About Proof

Proof is an accelerator, incubator, and bar based in Chattanooga, TN. Founded and led by food and beverage industry veterans, the mission of Proof is to support owners and operators in the industry through programs, resources, and community. 


Collectively the Proof team has 50+ years of experience, with expertise ranging from management training to operations to marketing (and more). To date, Proof has accelerated 60 companies through its programs.

Learn more about Proof at

Heard Dat Kitchen
New Orleans, LA

I found that every session provided me with amazing information, and tools to utilize in growing our business.


Martha's Kitchen
Philadelphia, PA

Every session was beneficial to me and my business.

Lil Mama's
Chattanooga, TN

It’s given me a great sense of confidence, because now when I’m making decisions for the restaurant, I have an opinion from someone who is experienced and gone through what I am now.