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Celebrating the artistry of Chef Kenyatta Ashford and his journey with Proof Incubator!

Neutral Ground: A common place

Kenyatta became a resident at Proof Incubator in June of 2020, just four short months after it's grand opening. Kenyatta's brand, Neutral Ground fuses together the tastes and traditions of his New Orleans upbringing with his West African Culinary experience. Kenyatta has numerous awards and accolades that highlight and recognize his culinary talent since joining Proof!

Outstanding Culinary Creations

Kenyatta Ashford

Neutral Ground

"The Gumbo was fantastic! Chef knows how to make a rue!" - Brenda, Opentable




Poppyton's Patisserie

"What the chef is doing at Neutral Ground is extremely unique in Chattanooga: his food is authentic to New Orleans, yet he makes it his own." - Charlie, Facebook




Vinny's Prince of Pies

"Chef Kenyatta Ashford is an outstandingly talented chef. We love our garlic chili noodle appetizer!" - Vicki, Opentable

Crawfish Broil
Crawfish Broil
Special Moments

On Saturday, June 19th, 2021 Kenyatta and Neutral Ground hosted a Crawfish Broil at Proof Bar & Incubator. The idea was formed as a celebration of Father's Day and Juneteenth weekend. Crawfish Broils are a longtime tradition in Louisiana. This event both honored Kenyatta's New Orleans roots and allowed Neutral Ground to bring yet another taste of Louisiana culture to its Chattanooga stomping grounds.

Kenyatta was a contestant on Season 50, Episode 2 of Food Network's hit show, Chopped! This contest, titled "Time Capsule: '90s Foods!" challenged chefs to use '90s food and snacks reminiscent of their childhoods to create gourmet level dishes. Chef Kenyatta emerged victorious, receiving accolades and a $10,000 check which he plans to put back into his business. Congratulations to Chef Kenyatta on his win!

Chopped Competition

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